Farm Business Innovation Show 2015 – 11th & 12th November

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Pear Technology are thrilled to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Farm Business & Innovation show on the 11th./12th. November at the NEC  in Birmingham.

The Farm Business & Innovation shows is a large event that keeps Farmers, Land Managers, Glampers, Campers, Estate Owners and all sorts of other people up to date with the latest software, products and services that are available to help them manage their land and assets. It really is a great opportunity to explore avenues that you may have never thought of before and the whole show is an extremely well organised event. An added bonus is the number of useful and interesting seminars which are held throughout the two days which are short, punchy and topical.

Pear will be exhibiting on Stand 442 promoting our mapping software, new available datasets and various types of GPS equipment. We are excited to say that we have a specialist from Leica exhibiting with us who will be demonstrating a new range of devices that Pear will soon be selling. Pear will be introducing a new service which is our very own online ‘MapShop’ which allows customers to purchase OS MasterMap and OS VML data for a user defined area, 24 hours a day.

The show is also a great opportunity to meet some members of the Pear team.  Freddie Ryan, who is managing the Farms and Estate Sector will be attending on both days along with a new colleague, Charlie Farrington, who is based down in the South West and has a strong background in the farming sector. In addition, the managing director Chris Makin, will be in attendance and is looking forward to  meeting all existing and new customers.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Admission tickets, which are free, can be obtained by following the link below:-

Public Rights of Way data now available for the majority of the UK

Public Rights of Way data has recently become much more widely available and Pear Technology are pleased to offer the service of adding this information to your digital map.

Available on various Ordnance Survey raster tiles, Public Rights of Way information previously had to be purchased then painstakingly traced leaving some degree of inaccuracy. It can now be added to your digital map on its own layer, making it much easier to display and edit on your map. In PT-Mapper Pro, one click can tell you how long the footpath is and another can show you the route in Google Earth’s aerial view.


Subject to the data availability, we can provide you with a layer for each classification of the Public Rights of Way. These are:

  1. Footpaths – for walking, running or mobility vehicles.
  2. Bridleways – for walking, horse riding, cycling or mobility vehicles.
  3. Restricted Byways – for any transport without a motor and mobility vehicles.
  4. Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT) – for any kind of transport, including cars but mainly used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.


Landowners have responsibilities for the Rights of Way which fall on their land. Knowing where these routes are is the first step in ensuring compliance with environmental law!


Did you know?

  • You are not allowed to grow crops on Public Rights of Way, although grass can be grown for hay and silage.
  • Footpaths and Bridleways may not be ploughed unless they cross fields. Landowners must then supply an access route 1m – 2m wide respectively within 14 days of ploughing.
  • You cannot put up gates or stiles without the local authorities permission.





If you would like Public Rights of Way information added to your map simply email or call us on 02392 499689 and we can check availability and provide a quote for the work.

Pear at the CLA Game Fair

Lizzy CLA

RPA – Basic Payments Scheme Deadline

2016 Update: Please note RPA boundaries in a shapefile format are no longer available. 


The Current Situation

With the announcement of the Basic Payment Scheme’s (BPS) withdrawal of their online mapping system, farmers are having to resort back to paper maps. Claim submission deadlines have been extended to the 15th June, 2015. However, the RPA have advised farmers to get their claims in as soon as possible  to make sure guidance can be given where needed.

The RPA have been issuing more details on how farmers can claim for the BPS 2015 and have been distributing pre-populated BP5 claim forms to all registered cutomers of the Rural Payments online system.


How Pear Can helpLaundry Cottage RPA

Paper maps are fine and a lot of farmers will resort back to this traditional method but it is far too easy to create inaccuracies when using a felt tip on a paper map. PT-Mapper in comparison allows you to accurately update your farm to the nearest cm if needs be giving you realistic and reliable readings for your claims.

The RPA analyse Ordnance Survey MasterMap data, the most up to date and detailed data avaialble from the OS,  to identify boundary amendments. The great benefit of our software is you can purchase the very same MasterMap data to check, identify and adjust your field boundaries to the appropriate position.

In addition to this, you can request your RPA field boundaries directly from the RPA in a ‘shapefile format’, for free.  These files can then be easily imported straight into PT-Mapper showing you your field boundaries as well as any permanent ineligible features (PIF’s). From here you can edit the boundaries to follow the MasterMap data, measure distances yourself for the boundary to follow, use a handheld GPS device to plot points to map to, or link your fields to Google Earth and follow the aerial imagery.

To go one step further you can use our easy-to-use editing tools to create accurate buffer strips around your fields to calculate the exact area being farmed as well as Game Cover and grass margins.

It is time to get your field boundaries up to date and PT-Mapper is the perfect, simple and intuitive replacement to the BPS’ withdrawn system.


How to get started

  1. Download a trial of PT-Mapper to see how you like the system. Once you are happy, get in contact with us to purchase a full licence.
  2. Request your RPA shapefiles from the RPA
  3. Send us a plan of your farm so we can provide you with a quote for the Ordnance Survey MasterMap data required.
  4. Use our software to edit your field boundaries and gain precise hectarage for your farm
  5. Print the updated maps and fill in your BP5 form with your accurate, up to date figures and make your claim


Related Products

PT Mapper

PT-Mapper is the core application to help manage land and assets through the power of maps. It provides much more than free online mapping services as well as all the key functions of more expensive geographic information systems. PT-Mapper brings together your own data with that of other agencies to allow for more effective and efficient decision making.

Arb Newsletter – May 2015



Pear Technology will be exhibiting and giving demonstrations at the following events.


Month Date Event Location


June Friday 5th
Saturday 6th
The Arb Show
Westonbirt Arboretum
June Wednesday 17th Barchams
Big Barn Day
Ely, Cambs
June Tuesday 30th Arb Association Scotland Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh EH3 5NZ
July / August Friday 31st – Sunday 2nd CLA Game Fair Harewood House, Leeds, LS17 9LG
September Thursday 10th
Friday 11th
Woodland Show
Longleat, Warminster, Wilts BA12 7NW
September Sunday 20th – Wednesday 23rd Arb Association Amenity Conference The University of Warwick, Arts Centre



We are now able to offer 3 year leasing options for both hardware and software. This allows payments to be spreads and set off against tax.

For further details, see our web site, or give me a call – Jonathan Smith 07593 299752


Software Development

PT Mapper Pro

  • Markers Tool – Includes option to add grid reference coordinates as labels
  • New Tree legend template – includes templates without tree shadow.
  • Fixed problem to do with Ordnance Vector Map Local TIFF files not loading correctly.


  • New draw circle tool added – allows units to be specified
  • Data verification – if 2 or more records have the same postcode there is now an option to click through all of them on the map pop up window
  • Off screen drawing is applied to all maps to improve the stability of the program while points and themes are being added
  • Fixed problems with the print screen tool


In TreeMinder reports it is now possible to choose how the report is filtered. There are 2 options on the report selection page:

  • Filter Style: Loose. This option works by using the criteria to narrow down the list of trees, however all work items are then shown for those trees, for example if you choose Remove :: Minor Dead Wood then the report includes all the information for any tree that includes that work type in its work list. This can be useful as it allows the complete situation to be seen for the trees of interest.
  • Filter Style: Tight. This option applies the criteria more strictly and only shows information that exactly matches the criteria, for example if you choose Remove :: Minor Dead Wood then the report would only show that work item in its work list and any other work for that tree would be effectively hidden.
  • A custom footer can now be added. The details can be entered on the report selection page.


Case Studies

We are keen to collect case studies and will provide a reward for those used. (eg 50% discount off your next year’s technical support). Please contact us if you have any cases you would like to share.


Map Shop



We are going to provide an online Map Shop and are inviting trial users – please let us know if you are interested.We have developed the  Map Shop to provide you with instant access to the latest Ordnance Survey map data, whenever you need it. You will also be able to produce  your own quotes before committing to buying the map. More details will be available soon.




Hardware Update

Android Pocket GIS is now becoming available – trial users are invited. Please let Pear Technology know if you are interested.

Trimble T41CG (default recommendation):

4.3″ screen, 800 x 480, Windows Mobile or Android option,

1-2 metre GPS 8mp camera, all day battery, IP68        £1,650

Panasonic Toughpad :

Windows 8 ,10″ screen, i5 processor, 3-5 metre GPS, IP65, 3 year warranty        £2,750

Getac T800:

Windows 8 tablet. 8″ screen 1280 x 800, 2.5m GPS       £1,600

Getac Z710:

Android tablet, 7″ screen, 1024 x 600, 5mp camera, 2.5m GPS         £ 995



Australian Version


We have now developed a version of our software for the Australian market and have a local distributor. If you would like further   details, or know of anyone in Australia who might benefit from our system, please let me know.


We would also be interested in rolling out our software to other markets and would be happy to receive suggestions.



Group Training Days

We are considering running group training days, allowing for economical training and sharing of best practice. A minimum 5 trainees would be required. Cost TBC. Please let me know if you might be interested.



Brighton and Hove -arboricultural services, due 26.05.15 see:

The Royal Parks – arboricultural advisory services, tender due 12.06.15:

English Heritage South East – Arboricultural Services – tender due 01.06.15:

Local Councils

We have 200+ Local Council clients. Many of them have responsibility for the trees in their parish and could benefit from your services. You can then update their maps and records with your survey results, using Pear Technology’s system.

If you already provide services to Local Councils, please let me know and I will exclude those councils from our mailing.

If you do not wish to be included in the list of Pear Technology arboricultural consultants, within 30 miles of a given Local Council, please let me know.