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Pear Technology has been providing digital maps and mapping services to the rural sector since 1995. Recognising that mapping, CAD and GIS software available at that time was too expensive and too complicated for people whose specialisms were in non-IT areas – such as Land Agents, Farmers, Forestry Managers, Town Clerks, Arboriculturalists and general business people. Our aim has always been to focus on ease of use without sacrificing the functionality our customers require.

Pear Technology specialise in providing a range of software, solutions and services for our niche markets that can be used by most people with some computer skills. Our products enable you to bring all of your geographical data together, giving you a single source of information that is easy to visualise, navigate, edit, analyse and share with others. By making our products as “open” as possible, it is easy to exchange data with other systems and to mix maps and information from different sources.

What We Offer

Useful technology
– neither over-complicated nor under-powered.

Clear advice
– from people who understand your business.

Accurate maps
– a true representation of your land and assets.

Integrated information
– a single place to access all of your data.

A tailored approach
– maps and processes customised to your business.

Friendly support
– a small UK-based team ready to offer help and guidance.

Our Heritage

Pear Technology was founded in 1995 and soon after, became Licensed Partners with Ordnance Survey.

Today we support a wide range of markets with clients throughout the UK, Ireland and increasingly, Australia and New Zealand. We also have a small number of customers in several of the EU countries, all of whom have a need for accurate and easy-to-use mapping and share our passion for effective stewardship of the land.

Our Ethos

We believe that great software is only part of the solution. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers, learn about their business and markets and make sure we are always on hand to provide advice and support. We bring customers together to learn from one another and share best practice. Most importantly, we want our customers to get the most out of their investment in mapping, with accurate, comprehensive and above all, useful information.

Who We Sponsor

Pear Technology have chosen to support Fund4Trees because of the great work they are doing to promote sustainable treescapes.

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