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Pear Technology is extremely experienced in digital mapping for Local Councils and presents a complete step-by-step service for map preparation and software training to get you up and away. As well as offering compellingly accurate cemetery and allotment map creation, we can generate you an entire digital map of your region – so you’ll have fully interactive digital maps from which to contextualize and plan Council activities.

Pear Technology provides a one-stop shop for Council mapping and associated needs such as asset management. Using digitized Ordnance Survey maps- (which are free to councils signed up to the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement) – our software can be utilized to give each Council exactly the right tools to view, edit, overlay and link features to related databases.

By having separate pieces of software, Councils can not only personalise their digital mapping system to suit their needs, but also expand their system over time. All our software is designed to be easy to use and so with the reassurance of our superb ongoing aftercare, can greatly increase the capability and efficiency of managing the region under administration.

Maps can be quickly emailed to contractors, placed on the web-site for public information purposes, sent to principal authorities and printed out at any size.

By having a one-stop shop, there is no debate over who to call for help.

Pear Technology

“We mostly use PT-Mapper Pro for asset mapping. I have  not only found it easy to use but also very useful as the data is linked to each asset which obviously saves us time. I haven’t had any difficulties with the software but any technical issue I have had, I just call up and it gets sorted asap.”

Modular software


PT-Mapper is easy to use. It enables you to overlay your own information onto freely available Ordnance Survey maps and take data from other sources such as Land Registry and higher Councils. Use for asset management, event planning, cemeteries, allotments.

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Connects management databases and spreadsheets to your map. Clicking on a map object then immediately displays the relevant data. You can also search for and highlight specific features on the map such as details of interments, trees requiring attention, allotment tenants, etc.

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Asset Manager

Asset Manager records all the details of your assets including photographs, incident logs and provides automatic task reminders to be audit compliant. Asset Manager requires little training and includes a map so that the location of each asset can be displayed.


We provide you with a ready to use system, training and on- going support to get you and your colleagues started. For cemeteries, allotments and events we offer a map preparation service and for town and parish maps, we can work with you to plot all your information, assets etc. so that you receive a map that is ready for immediate use.

Maps and data sets

It is important to note that our mapping software enables you to edit digital map data such as that provided by Ordnance Survey. Local Councils are entitled to use Ordnance Survey map data at no cost once they have signed up to the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA). More details can be found here.

Joining the PSGA gives you access to “free” map data but you will still need our map editing software, PT-Mapper Pro to view and edit your map data.

Pear Technology is a Licensed Partner with the Ordnance Survey and so we can supply you with all the map data that you require once you have joined the PSGA.

There is a wide range of map data available and we will advise you on which map data set is most appropriate for your use.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

The Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer is the standard for all professional mapping requirements and for all Government organisations, including the Land Registry and Natural England. It is the most detailed, most accurate mapping available and shows detail down to individual building level..

Mobile devices

We can supply a range of mobile GPS devices (‘phone, tablet or specialist unit) to take out on-site to record the location and condition of assets such as bins, trees, bus shelters, street lights, etc. Information recorded can then be quickly added to your map or logged into a spreadsheet.

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