Hardware Solutions

We offer a wide range of handheld GPS devices to meet your data capture needs. Devices start from 5cm accuracy meaning you can choose the product that suits you. All devices are available for purchase or hire at a weekly rate.

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Please note; PocketGIS data capture software is required in addition to hardware. 

Trimble TDC600

The Trimble TDC600 offers 1.5 metre accuracy in a rugged yet sleek smartphone design.  It boasts a long 15 hour battery life and has a powerful Qualcomm processor with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. It also has 4G, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity options to allow for calls and data usage whilst in the field.

Mobile Demand A1180

The Mobile Demand A1180 has a large 10.1″ screen making work in the field or at your desk very manageable. The A1180 quotes a 10 hour battery life and 2 metre accuracy.

Leica Zeno 20

The Leica Zeno 20 is the most accurate handheld device we offer. It is available in two options, 5cm or 50cm accuracy. The Zeno 20 makes use of Leica’s SmartNet Server giving real time corrections in the field. This is paid for through an annual subscription. All day battery, 8MP camera and 4.7″ screen.

Juniper Geode Receiver

The Geode is a sub-metre GPS receiver designed to connect to your phone or tablet via bluetooth. In open conditions 30cm or less can be achieved. The lightweight Geode is most conveniently used with a pole or clip to connect it to your phone.

Comparison Table

Trimble TDC600Mobile Demand A1180Juniper GeodeLeica Zeno 20 (50cm)Leica Zeno 20 (5cm)
Accuracy1.5 m2 – 3 msub 30cm50cm5cm
Operating SystemAndroidAndroidWindows 10 / AndroidAndroidAndroid
Screen Size6 “10.1 “N/A4.7 “4.7 “
Camera13 mp8 mpN/A8 mp8 mp
Storage64 GB128 GBN/A4 GB4 GB
Weight385 g1200 g360 g880 g880 g
Price£1295.00£1295.00£1,777.00From £6,200.00From £9,600.00

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