Leica Zeno 20

Introducing the all new...

Leica Zeno 20

5cm accuracy in a handheld device

The new Zeno 20 from Leica is our best performance data capture device.  When accuracy matters, the Leica Zeno 20 is the perfect handheld GPS solution.

Leasing and Hire options available.

Uses and Applications

  • BPS / Stewardship Schemes

    Measure precise farmed areas and calculate buffer strips etc. to identify what areas are eligible for stewardship schemes.

  • Land Disputes

    Accurately identify land or property boundaries on the ground to discover what is really owned.

  • Cemetery Mapping

    Due to its cm accuracy, it is possible to capture individual grave plots.

  • Arboriculture

    Create cm level tree surveys, particularly useful for surveys on new site developments.

  • Day-to-day Data Capture

    From capturing the position of new fence posts to marking out new site boundaries, there are a wide range of uses such an accurate device can offer.


Leica Zeno 20 – To Buy

Zeno 20 (50cm)Zeno 20 (5cm)
Zeno 20From £5100From £7700
SmartNet RTK (40 hours/month)£500 per year£1300 per year

From £62001

From £9600 1

Leica Zeno 20 – To Lease

Zeno 20 (50cm)Zeno 20 (5cm)
Leasable total



Monthly payment (36 months)£194£277
Optional purchase cost after 3
year lease

All prices exclude VAT and Shipping. 1 Insured shipping for the Zeno 20 handheld is £120.

2 Subject to application being accepted. Includes 3 year warranty extension, PocketGIS and leasing set up fee. SmartNet RTK service is not included in the lease figures and is payable separately.

Please contact us for a personalised quotation.


Extremely sensitive GNSS antenna.


Powerful, easy-to-use PocketGIS Software.


Bright, large 4.7” touch screen.


5cm level accuracy

Leica Zeno 20 Features

  • 5cm accuracy in a handheld GPS device!
  • The Zeno 20 uses one of the most sensitive GNSS antennas ever found on a handheld device.
  • The Zeno 20 incorporates a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver. This means it can receive location information from the American GPS satellites as well as the Russian system called GLONASS.  It is also possible to purchase an add-on so that you can use the Chinese system called BeiDou and the European system called Galileo when it comes online soon.  By using multiple satellite systems you can increase the number of satellites your device can see which will mean it can calculate your position more accurately.
  • Connecting to the Leica Smartnet service provides real-time corrections for the GNSS. This means you can get real-time accuracy of 5cm!
  • The device is as light as possible and is designed to be used in one hand.  It has a bright, large 4.7” touch screen and all day battery.
  • Leica GNSS equipment is tried and tested. The Zeno 20 has been certified by the EU for use in accurately measuring land area.  Leica equipment is used by the RPA’s (Rural Payment Agency) inspectors to verify changes in field boundaries.

How does it work?

GPS Correction: With one GPS receiver or position with no ‘corrections’, the accuracy of the device is limited to around a few metres. To increase the accuracy, we need two or more GPS Receivers. A common method is to use your GPS device with one reference station, allowing for corrections to be made giving you sub-metre accuracy. What the Zeno 20 offers is the option of talking to multiple reference stations (Network RTK) to bring the accuracy down to cm level.

NetWork RTK: Real Time Kinematic GPS. The device uses a network of reference stations across Britain using the internet (requires mobile signal) to correct the device’s accuracy.

Leica SmartNet: The Ordnance Survey have a network of 110 permanent GNSS Stations across Britain, called OS Net. This raw GPS data is fed straight to Leica where they calculate parameters for the GNSS errors sources.

Using the Leica Zeno 20, its ‘uncorrected’ GPS position is sent to the SmartNet Server. Both the GNSS data from the nearest 5 or 6 OS GNSS stations and Leicas error parameters are streamed directly to the device using an internet connection.  The device then uses these real time figures to correct its position down to cm accuracy.


AccessoryAccessory Price
Lithium Ion Battery£200
Desktop charger£160
12V Car charger£60
AC Adapter£110
Capacitive stylus (tether included)£20
Anti-glare screen protection foil – 2 pack£50
Hard Container£200

All prices exclude VAT


For one off jobs where high precision is required, we can provide a hire service.    Training and support can provided if you are not familiar with our software.

Zeno 20 – 5cm SmartNet RTK£350 per week

Mapping Services

Do you want to create an accurate map showing where your assets and services are located?  Too busy to get the job done?  Don’t have the have the time to learn how to use new equipment?

If your are answer is yes to any of these questions, we have a solution for you.  Our mapping services team can provide you with all the help you need to map your assets, services, parks, cemeteries, play equipment or any other feature you want to plot on a map.  All work is carried out using the Leica Zeno 20 to ensure your maps are created as accurately as possible.  Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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