Our easy to use digital mapping software gives you the ability to take full control of your land, property and assets.

PT-Mapper, our mapping software is helping organisations and landowners manage over one million hectares of land. By bringing all of you land data together to create a single source of information that is easy to visualise, navigate, edit and analyse you will have all the information you need to help you reduce wasted time and costs to run a more effective business. 

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PT-Mapper gives you the functionality to manage your business effectively in today’s digital age. With more data coming on line for you, PT-Mapper contains it in one place for your decision making.



Always focusing on creating the high quality land management tools. PT-Mapper gives the ability to create what you want at a reasonable price. We are constantly developing PT-Mapper to the customer demands. This is a product for you.



We value building strong relationships with our customers, we help where we can to support you whilst you manage your business. Our technical support, keeps you up to speed and moving in the direction you want to travel.


GIS and mapping incorporates a vast amount of information but can only capture a fragment of the real world activity. PT-Mapper cleanly contains all your data, giving you have your information when you need it.

Designed for Your Business


Digital mapping software gives you the tools to assist you to manage your land effectively. With your own digital mapping system, you can record, plan and strategically organise all of your estate management activities, simply and effectively in one place.

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We provide a complete solution for arboricultural professionals. Our modular design means that you only need to pay for what functionality you need, whilst its simple and straightforward interface means that specialist IT or CAD skills are not required.

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Pear Technology provides a one-stop shop for councils and public sector bodies. Using Ordnance Survey maps as the basis, we help you manage your properties, assets, cemeteries and allotments. Everything supported under one roof.



Many businesses need to manage complex facilities and sites – either their own or those of their clients. We offer cost-effective, comprehensive yet simple mapping solutions that allow businesses to manage things properly.

Products That Work


Our flagship product, PT Mapper, forms the heart of any mapping system. Professional yet easy to use, PT Mapper lets you take existing maps such as Ordnance Survey and make it your own.

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Connect your databases to the real world. Maplink lets you visualise your businesses information, aiding understanding and helping you see trends and correlations not apparent in tabular data.

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After capturing tree data  from the GPS device, TreeMinder allows you to make sense of it.  Create management plans, reports and keep this vital data organised to run your business smoothly.

Asset Manager

For those who want to keep the information together in one place at your finger tips. Asset Manager, helps you record, classify, present and report the data that is in your hands.

Our Customers

Pear Technology

"Pear Technology’s mapping system and services have become integral throughout our land agency and farm consultancy businesses."


CLA Gamefair poster

The CLA Game Fair - 18-20 July 2014

With the coming changes to the Basic Farm Payment, this year there is a lot to share in order to get ready for the new scheme. We are going to have all the latest opportunities on display and a team ready to help. This year it a great pleasure that we are also going to be joined by the Ordnance Survey. Read more to enter our draw for a Samsung tablet.


Based in Hampshire, we spend a considerable amount of time visiting and developing strong and lasting relationships with our customers. This means helping you to assess the benefits geographic systems can bring to your business, determining the best solution for you and providing quick and effective training to get you and your colleagues started. We can also help create your maps – either from existing data or from surveys.

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Licensed Partners to the Ordnance Survey

Pear Technology have been licences partners with Ordnance Survey since the early days in 1995.  It is a great privilege to be so close to OS and be able to provide you the best national data that can be found anywhere in the world.