GeoXphere and Pear Technology begin a new software collaboration for Local Government

In a newly-signed partnership agreement, GeoXphere and Pear Technology have joined forces to make digital mapping easier and more cost-effective for Local Government

For more than eight years, Town, Parish and Community Councils have had two main choices for viewing and using digital mapping; Parish Online (by GeoXphere) and PT Mapper (by Pear Technology). Both solutions help Local Councils to use digital mapping for tasks such as plotting assets and creating neighbourhood plans.

However, if neighbouring councils use different mapping solutions then it is hard for them to share data and work seamlessly together. GeoXphere and Pear have therefore joined forces to offer Local Councils a fully integrated set of products and services.

  • Parish Online

    Parish Online provides a common infrastructure for the visualisation, analysis and recording of geographic data, as well as a means of sharing and aggregating data between Local Councils

  • Pear Technology

    Pear Technology provides add-on services such as cemetery mapping, training, tree surveys and asset collection.

In January 2018 the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) formed a partnership with both Parish Online and Pear to encourage better use of Digital Mapping in Local Councils. NALC understands that the proper use of digital mapping systems improves efficiency and promotes good decision-making. Furthermore, NALC recognises that Local Councils have a huge wealth of knowledge about their local environment which cannot be used by the higher tiers of government without a digital mapping framework.

Councillor Sue Baxter, NALC chairman, explains: “NALC believes it is vital for local councils to understand the geographical area their council covers. Digital mapping makes this easier for local councils. We believe more local councils should be using digital mapping to harness local knowledge and understand their local area in more detail. Digital mapping systems are an essential tool for local councils and NALC will be working with Parish Online and Pear Technology to promote the benefits to local councils.”

This new partnership between Parish Online and Pear will provide great benefits for existing and future customers:

  • Both GeoXphere and Pear Technology can now provide impartial advice to Local Councils to ensure they get the right tool for the job

  • Parish Online subscribers now have easier access to additional services provided by Pear Technology. If a tree survey or cemetery map is produced by Pear Technology, the data can be made available in their Parish Online account.

Parish Online is a self-service mapping portal accessible from A valid PSMA licence number is required to use the service.

Pear Technology services can be requested through the Parish Online website or direct from